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If what you are looking for is to set the ambience of your home or car, at Herba Cosmética we are specialists in the sector.
About us

Wide range of products


We understand each fragrance is unique and acts as a sign of identity with which each customer could can be identified, that is why we offer so many options and designs. Variety is the spice of life, and so are our customers’ personality and taste.



We research, test, discard and reformulate in order to find the ideal fragrances for every occasion and person.

Guaranteed quality


We have an expert team, concerned with meeting the specifications of duration, intensity, safety, legal standards and customer service.

Original designs


We value the image and aesthetics of our products, carefully studying the design and every detail before presenting them to our customers. Creating coherent designs in accordance with the quality that we are committed to and that has been our guarantee throughout our long history.


We haven't convinced you yet? Check out our air fresheners!



With more than 35 years of experience in the fragrance sector, at Herba Cosmética, we know what we do and we try to do it well. Our customers are the ones who guide our steps and we put all our resources at their disposal, being creative and offering them what they deserve: high-quality fragrances with innovative designs.

Original fragrances

We have developed more than 40 original fragrances. Because every moment deserves its scent.

Innovative designs

We offer you six different air freshener formats. Because every place is different, no two rooms are the same.


High-quality fragrances

We know how much energy a pleasant fragrance can create: it reduces stress, creates a relaxing atmosphere or activates the memory.

Years of experience

We can't imagine a boring and sad world, that's why we can't imagine a world without Herba Cosmética’s fragrances.

We are made for each other... do you need more reasons?


It includes a compilation of the products and fragrances that are most popular with the general public. Herbacosmetica focuses on quality and attractive design.


Feeling like a brand new car every time you get in, that's what this extensive collection of car-specific air fresheners offers.


A fun, colourful and fresh selection. Its fragrances bring the energy of the earth, offering aromatherapy the wide-ranging properties of fruit.


Because good fragrances last a lifetime, Don Pino gives shape to tradition by becoming one of the most recognised brands in air freshening.

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