Cotton candy

This essence reminds us of candy with exquisite sweet and delicate aromas that transform it into a unique, bright and warm fragrance.
It provides us with a lasting and enveloping aroma and acts as a stimulant creating cheerful and fun environments.

No smoking

It is an aroma that becomes your way of life. It is fresh and clean. The No Smoking fragrance gives your car the touch it represents by keeping away the smoke that stinks the car. Neutralizes bad odors and gives you a feeling of brand new every day.


One of the most exquisite aromas that you enjoy in your day to day for any time of the day.
The aroma of coffee is strong and full-bodied, filling your mornings with energy. With bitter and earthy notes that transport you to your best awakenings.

California sun

Our product line of California Sun instantly provokes exotic associations with its tropical aroma, which comes from The Coronado Islands. Our team of perfumers has selected and combined essential oils of cherry from Sedir and strawberry from Marseille with the only aim to achieve an energising benefit, which in contrast with floral chords of violet from Grasse, transform this fragrance into the unique one, providing long-lasting and surrounding scent.


The sweetest perfume. Its balsamic and warm aroma makes us return to the most moving childhood thanks to its balsamic and warm aroma which evokes the melted sugar used so much in the confectionery. It’s the fragrance for lovers of sweetness that characterizes your home and defines your tender personality.


An oasis of sweetness that combines the aromatic substances of flowers and citrus fruits, linked with subtle almond notes that add a special touch.
Originally from Sedir Island, Turkey, it is distinguished by its diffusive and sweet aroma, which transforms it into one of the fragrances most used by consumers.

New car

Do you want to recover the unmistakable smell of a new car every time you get on yours?
It is possible with the aroma of New Car from Air Natur Home.
It is a fragrance that is highly achieved and designed in detail so that you can enjoy that delectable sensation in each journey you make. You'll love it.


Our range of coconut products evoke exoticism instantly with its tropical aroma coming from the sunny shores of Samoa.
As a true paradise to enjoy its tropical smell, fruity but fresh and tenacious, using its hints carefully so its aroma arrives to us from the first moment, providing a lasting and surrounding fragrance.


Baby touch

This is tender and classic perfume that will transport us to our best memories.
Appreciated for its extremely fresh and light scent, this fragrance will awaken the feelings and emotions of our childhood, creating environments that bring on serenity and comfort and make it one of the most demanded by consumers.

Cool black

It is a current, modern and fresh fragrance. It is full of energy and power with some floral notes.
Its studied composition allows a long duration and a constant aroma that you will not change for anything.


The aroma of raspberries, like blackberries and blueberries, are fruits of the forest that contain a ketone called frambinona that gives them the characteristic aroma wild berries have. In conclusion, the raspberry’s fragrance is ideal for lovers of sweet and fruity fragrances with a special touch of joy.

Wild berries

This is the essence that will flood us with energy. It is appreciated for its sweet and intense aroma, which is a combination of wild preferential notes as protagonists of this iconic perfume, with subtle sweet and citrus chords that add a warm and comfortable touch to your home. All this, makes this fragrance unique, with its own personality and fantastic diffusion, intense and lasting.


Originated in French Provence, it is distinguished by its unmistakable refreshing scent and its relaxing properties.
It is composed of slight balsamic-woody hints combined with fresh and floral herbaceous hints, making it one of the most used fragrances par excellence.


Its aroma comes from a citrus fruit originated in Himalaya.
It is appreciated for its refreshing natural aroma, combined with slight fruity and sweet hints, turning it into a fragance often used in aromatherapy, due to its antioxidant properties and its refreshing and clean tone.


An exotic and tropical fruit that invites us to travel and admire the landscapes of India. The mango is an attractive scent often used in sweet and fresh perfumes, designed for young and intrepid women looking for adventure and fun. A juicy and tasty perfume that provides a sparkling and fresh touch.


The quintessential summer fruit and happiness in the form of an air freshener for your car or home. A sweet and tasty dessert with a fresh and soft smell due to the fruity notes that characterize it. A breath of summer and sun for any time of the year.

Sweet melon

A summery and always appetizing essence that you did not know until now. The sweet notes of melon in its best time of year collected in a young, feminine and casual perfume. Some fruity notes that you will like to discover and that accompany you gently for a long time.


The aromatic peppermint from Isla Grande (Brazil) is appreciated for its distinctive natural and refreshing fragrance, combined with a slightly sweet balsamic scent; make this a unique and matchless fragrance, mixing sweet, clean and dry scents.

Odor neutralizer

It is a highly effective odor eliminator. Its formula, made according to the last word in science, allows that with only 2 or 3 sprays at any space inside of your home the air will have a clean polar smell.


It captures the essence of water and with the freshness of its aroma it is created to flood our senses of freedom. Its unmistakable smell, fresh and long lasting, allows to expand a sense of purity creating environment of balance and well-being.


An animal fragrance, strong and almost supernatural. The oriental aroma comes from the exotic tastes of the Orient where woody perfumes with sweet touches are the latest cry. A warm and deep scent that evokes new and unknown adventures in distant lands.


The most tropical fruit: pineapple. A fresh and fun scent with fruity notes like lemon and coconut and floral notes like jasmine. A free, exotic and Caribbean fragrance that will surprise you.

Wild pine

The mythical aroma of pine that brings that daily touch of freshness to your car is now an improved and more intense fragrance. This creates an unmistakable and full of strength air that everyone will recognize for their wild notes.


Its essence evokes sweetness and its intense and everlasting aroma makes the fragrance as delicious and enveloping as diffusive, providing an incomparable odour that will invade us completely.


Green tea

If you are a lover of oriental and relaxing aromas this is your ideal fragrance. It is a fresh and charming fragrance that helps to create calm sensations and environments for a greater concentration on driving and reinforcement of the senses.

Tropical explosion

Its name defines it perfectly: an authentic explosion of purely tropical aromas: coconut, pineapple, watermelon... combined in balance to create a unique perfume designed for free souls, fun and with tropical son. The rebirth of the tropical Sun in an essence that you will not find elsewhere.


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